Coordinated the transfer procedures of 23 magazines for a national publisher. Developed and implemented a schedule and strategy to transfer the magazines. Resulted in transfer completion time that was 20% sooner than expected.
Supported 125 people with filing and office supply issues. Improved filing systems and Organized offices for people to work more efficiently. Resulted in satisfied employees that produced 75% more work due to organization.
Organized and Produced procedure manuals. Developed a centralized handbook in general and for safety as well as modified policies and procedures for employees to follow. Resulted in a reduction of errors and helped employees gain knowledge of systems.
Analyzed budget reports for a supervisor. Identified and resolved potential errors. Resulted in updated budget report approval 10 days sooner and appreciation being shown to all team members. Reduced budgeted dollars by 30% with forecasting.
Prepared copyright and trademark spreadsheets for President to ensure that future items would not be allowed to expire. This increased knowledge of Vice President by 80% and lowered expire issues by 40%.
Managed and Supervised a facility facelift for a privately held publishing firm. Six facilities to maintain including safety issues. Facelifts had not been completed in over 15 years. Resulted in 100% satisfaction of employee morale, 16 20-yard dumpsters sent out and reduced costs by 20%.