Workshops and Seminars
Getting "Simply Organized" is a great way to start a new way of life bringing a piece of mind to home and work. Noelle has the experience to maximize the talents and utilize the strengths of you and/or your employees.
The value of being organized builds better relationships, provides more productivity and reduces the loss of wasted time and energy. Self-confidence and motivation builds in most everyone who can get simply organized.
When you are trained to properly organize time and space, this creates a higher work standard and profit in the end.
Noelle offers on-site workshops and seminars customized to fit your needs. Lunch'n Learns are a great way to get started on organization. Half-day and full day seminars are another good way to see organization for what it is. Bringing ideas and motivation to the table will help all people to become better organizers through interaction, experience and fun.

Workshops are a great tool to getting simply organized. The topics to choose from are:
Time Management
How can you save time by just sorting through your mail? How many times do you touch the paper on your desk? What options do I have to get organized? These are questions most people are asking. Noelle can give suggestions and ideas on how to simply organize your time.
Simply Organize
How much office product do I need in my office to get organized? What type of files do I need to get organized? Where do I begin to get organized? What do I do with all of the stacks on my desk? People need to understand it is ok to be disorganized only if they are prepared to become organized. Not all people organize the same way so it is important to learn the basics and go from there. Noelle can help with the basic understanding of organizing and begin with a step-by-step process to get you started.